Car Buyers Guide - Interior

The interiors of the cars show how well the previous owner has maintained the car. It is important not only to see the cleanliness but also the functioning of various items. Clean interiors some times may disguise the non-functioning parts

  • Check all the safety belts are functioning.
  • Check all the elements in instrument panel (Battery indicator, Fuel Gauge, Temperature, speedometer, tachometer, trip meter, Odometer, Handbrake light, etc) are functioning
  • Check for cabin light functioning
  • Check for A/C louvers loose, hard, blower speed control, blower direction knob, and hot & cold knob.
  • Seat reclining & sliding.
  • Lift the carpet & see for floor damage or rust.
  • Check for door trims, damage / cut of seats.
  • Check all door locks, child locks for proper functioning.
  • Fully open & close the window glasses & check for smooth operation, noise. Check for all switches of power windows functioning properly.
  • Check the availability of Jack, Jack handle and tool kit.
  • Damage of heat resistant material in the dickey area indicates rework in the rear floor area.

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