Car Buyers Guide - Road Test

Always take a road test before buying the car. Take road test for at least 10 minutes. If you are not an expert driver take some one along who is adept at driving. The road test reveals the overall condition of the car, the mechanical parts, steering, clutch, brakes, air conditioning, steering.

  • The ignition key is coming out from the position when the engine is running.
  • Radiator fan should not start immediately after the ignition is put on. The fan should start with a gap of after some time it should stop.
  • Check for blue, black smoke from the exhaust. Blue smoke indicates heavy wear & tare to the engine.
  • Check for clutch slippage. Even at high revolutions of the engine the car doesn’t speed up and engine revolution sound increases.
  • Proper functioning of brakes.
  • On a level road check for alignment. The car should not pull to either direction.
  • Turn the vehicle completely in both the directions and check for abnormal sound from the drive shaft.
  • Check the wiper for proper functioning at all the speeds & washer is also working. The wiper should come back to its original position when it is in switched off.
  • Feel any abnormal noise in the steering.
  • Listen for any excessive noise from the body, rattling noise from the doors.

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