Car Buyers Guide - Exterior

Exterior / Bodywork: The exterior / body is designed for safety, aesthetics & appeal of the car. Careful inspection of the exterior reveals the bodyline, alignment, and structural damage & if the car has been through an accident. In a monocoque body the crumple zones that are designed to protect the passengers, gets affected

  • It is important to view the car in daylight. In rainy season ensure that the car is dry with out any rain droplets
  • Check the car for rust perforations. (Like: Bottom of the front windshield, sliding door railing, under body, exhaust system, etc).
  • Check for sealant application in doors, fender aprons, etc to check for accidents.
  • Check the paint condition, like: gloss, bubbles, overflow, and color mis-match. Any anomaly indicates that the car may have met with an accident. In this condition take out the weather strips & check for original weld spots.
  • Look for signs of oil, coolant & petrol leakage, leakage of suspension.
  • Check for cracks, chip off, and deep scratches in the front windshield. This is a safety item, so never take chances.
  • Check all headlights & taillights are functioning & are not broken.
  • All tyres should be of same make including the spare tyre. Check for re-treaded, re-grooving, wear pattern should be uniform.

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